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Devotion December 27


December 27

“When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him.”  Matthew 2:3(NIV)

Here was the “Good News!”  Here was “Immanuel!”  Here was “One worthy of worship!”  Here was “the King of the Jews!”  Here was “the One who inspired Magi to travel for two years in order to pay Him homage!”  And here was “One who disturbed the hearts of all that opposed God.”

“Good News” is not good news when one is an enemy of God.  “God with us” is not an inspiration for celebration when one is opposed to everything that is of God.  “King of the Jews” is not the long awaited hope when one is comfortably enjoying the power of an ungodly society.  There is no desire to worship the One who threatens the fragile foundation of One whose kingdom is based on deceit. 

When God invades our world, it troubles us.  No longer can we ignore the darkness of our sin-tarnished world.  No longer can we rest comfortably in our immorality.  No longer can we deem ourselves free when we are made aware of our captivity.

The birth announcement of this baby was troubling to all who were enemies of God, from Herod on down to the Chief Priests.

But for the Magi, it was a source of joy.  It changed once and for all their focus in life.  No longer would their lives be directed by the stars but by “the bright Morning Star.”  Rev 22:16(NIV)

How far must we travel before we appreciate the gift of Jesus to our lives?

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for invading our world and challenging us to leave the love for this sinful world behind.  May we never fail to find a reason to rejoice during the season of Christmas.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.